Charly (b. 1990), also known as Marie Weill, is a French singer, musician and composer.

After getting her Bachelor degree in Art and Communication at the ICART in Paris, France (2011), and she dove right into the music industry, working at record labels, concerts venues and festivals organizations. She then, decided to move to the US where she studied Music Production at the Academy of Art of San Francisco (2015) and get her degree of Vocals and Independent Artist at Musician Institute in Los Angeles (2017).

While she worked with several bands like "Charly&Faust", "The Sutra", and "Polymorph", she developed her career as a film composer by collaborating with S. Peace Nistades the internationally-renowned Thai-born film score composer, on several projects, including “Goodnight, Gracie”, and the music project of the Fashion designer, Emily Decarett "Innocent until proven guilty".

She then worked on several short-movies (“Bonding”, “Lola”, “Very Special Force”, “The Boy in The Mirror”, "Alone"), features ("The Lost End"), and TV Shows ("Manny Fantasma").

Her work has screened in several festivals world wild and received awards. 

Charly challenges herself and post a cover of her choice on of her fan's choice on her Youtube Channel every Wednesday.

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