Charly & The Characters is a band based in Los Angeles featuring Charly’s original songs.


If Charly has written songs for years by herself, meeting Eric Reymond, Johann Lorber and Navneet Rao really gave another dimension to her work.


Charly latest works include an EP “Awareness” available on every digital platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Itunes, etc.), five music videos "Like Peter Pan", "Don't Fall", "And Yet", “What’s Next?”, and "Don't Know, Don't Care", and a dance video “Alone” directed and produced by Olivia Cottenden.


Charly & The Characters are currently working on New music materials that should get released in late 2021.


Charly traded her path as a dentist for music when she realized that a sentimental song was just as effective at bringing tears in people's eyes as drilling their teeth is.

She subsequently moved from France to California, where she met all of her current collaborators.

Over the years, she has deepened and diversified her musical expertise, playing guitar, bass, singing or scoring soundtracks depending on the hour of the day, with only ever one purpose: writing about how much she loves her cat.


Born on the Swiss New Year, Eric left his snowy home country to pursue a Bachelor of Music under the sun of Los Angeles. Or maybe it is in the hope of running into a member of his favorite band Vulfpeck, it is hard to tell.

When he's not playing bass or co-producing Charly's songs, Eric likes to drink beer and finish every single video game released nowadays.


Originally just visiting from India, Navneet lost sight of his family during the visit of Universal Studios in Hollywood, and decided that's where he would need to make his life from then on.

A serious contestant for the most areas of expertise, this graduate in electronic


drummer, backing vocalist, sound engineer, audio post-producer also plays bass and guitar whenever he gets bored.

Fun fact: he loves sauces (especially the spicy ones).


Rumored to be three kids in a trench coat, Charly's tallest bandmate is also a fellow countryman.

Although he grew up surrounded mostly by French pop music, his actual influences range from Pink Floyd and Steely Dan to his namesake Sebastian Bach. It is easy to tell the impact David Gilmour or Mark Knopfler had on his musical phrasing and dexterity, as long as he's not just jamming on the melody of Keyboard Cat.

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